Source Code Analysis

Check open source and open source license at source code level.

How to analysis Source Code

1. Select the software that requires source code analysis

With most open source licenses, obligations and restrictions in the license are only applied if you distribute the open source, so compliance is required only for open source included within the software you distribute.

Therefore, except for the test code or the source code that is not included in the software build we distribute, software that requires source code analysis is selected.

2. Run Source Code Scanner

FOSSLight Source Scanner detects the license and copyright phrases in the source file and generates an OSS report with OSS information that matches the source code (OSS name, OSS Version, Download Location, Copyright, License).

Install and run it according to the FOSSLight Source Scanner guide.

alt text (Info) You can also check other source code analysis tools except FOSSLight Source Scanner on the Tool page.

3. Supplement Open Source and License information

Check with the developer whether the detected open source is actually used, and supplement an OSS report by referring to the following.

  • Make sure that the Download Location columns are filled in the URL of the source code actually used, and if it is empty, fill in it after checking with the developer.

  • If incorrect information is detected, correct it with the actually used Open Source information.

  • If Open Source is not used, delete that information.