OSC Tool

For efficient open source compliance, there are many useful tools that automatically analyze open source license on source codes, as well as tools that help manage open source for each project. We introduce open source tools that anyone can use freely.

Tools for OSC Process

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Activities of OSC Process

Tool Name

Description & Guide

Comply with Copyright & License writing rules

FOSSLight Prechecker

Comply with the copyright/license writing rules in the source code.

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Source Code Analysis

FOSSLight Source Scanner

Detect the license and copyright phrases in the source file and the OSS information that matches the source code.

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Web Service to detect Copyright and License included in the source code

Dependency Analysis

FOSSLight Dependency Scanner

When building or installing, it finds the imported dependency and detects information such as Version, License, etc. of Package.

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OSS Review Toolkit

A suite of tools to assist with reviewing Open Source Software dependencies.

Binary Analysis

FOSSLight Binary Scanner

Scanner Searches for a binary and outputs OSS information if there is an identical or similar binary from the Binary DB.

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Open Source Management Tool

Tool Name

Description & Guide

FOSSLight Hub

FOSSLight Hub helps you use the open source software compliantly and securely by managing open source, license and also vulnerability. Also it can process the OSC (Open Source Compliance) process by managing BOM for each project and track issues on open source license obligations and vulnerabilities.

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SW360 provides both a web application and a repository to collect, organize and make available information about software components.