Release/Contribution Process

There are many benefits of releasing or contributing software developed in-house to open source projects. So Many companies encourages to contribute to open source projects. However, contributors should be careful to prevent exposure of trade secrets and intellectual property.

Therefore, you should perform the contribution activities according to release/contribution process in accordance with the open source release/contribution process in the open source policy.

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OSRB Review

The Open Source Review Board (OSRB) is comprised of representatives from the OSPO, legal team, and IP team. When the SW development team requests an OSRB review to release or contribute to the open source, the OSRB reviews the open source license, patent, and contribution license agreement (CLA).

Code Clean-up

  1. Comply with the copyright and license writing rule in source code.

  2. 3rd party code must be removed or replaced with an alternate implementation.

  3. Remove references to private API’s of 3rd party companies and keys used for authentication with 3rd parties.

  4. Remove potentially security-related issue in the source code and any build artifacts that have been accidentally checked in.

Internal QA & Compliance Review

Development team is responsible for checking QA and the other compliance.


Contribute to the Open Source Project with the company e-mail address.